Fine Arts Day Camp

Fine Arts Day Camp - 2024

  • June 3 - 8           Zelenograd (Moscow Area)
  • July 1 - 6             Omsk, Siberia
  • July 29 - Aug 3  Belgrade, Serbia

This year, we will present the children's musical 'Spend Awhile On The Nile'

Opportunities for Involvement:

  • ESL class teachers
  • Improvisation/Drama teacher
  • Tech support
  • Photographer, Videographer, and Editor
  • Music team players
  • Stage & Set Design
  • Camp counselors (High School or college age)
  • Kitchen and janitorial staff helpers
  • Hospitality volunteers to care for the volunteer staff

Soli Deo Gloria Worship Conference

SDG 2023 - October 20-21

The Soli Deo Gloria (SDG) worship conference is a high level conference focused on training pastors and worship leaders and their teams of musicians, sound technicians, song writers, stage designers and others. They are taught about Biblical worship and how to lead effective worship ministries in their churches.

The SDG conference is a time to model, inspire and gain new creative ideas for worship ministry. The participants are taught about Biblical worship and practical techniques in how to lead effective worship ministries. This is also a great time of fellowship and encouragement.