Who is SlavicWorship?

SlavicWorship is an association of like-minded Christians with professional and/or practical experience in worship ministry. Our focus is the development of Christ-empowered worship which transforms lives. We specialize in worship training through conferences, seminars, and mentoring, as well as creating and distributing resources for worship ministry.

Our Mission

Christ-empowered worship transforms lives.

Christ-empowered worship brings focus on God‘s truth and love. And when people understand and experience God‘s truth and love, lives are transformed.

First, transformation takes place in the lives of the believers who are engaged in worship. 

And secondly, believers engaged in worship become a light of transformation to those who are living in darkness.

Jesus said: 'I am the light of the world. He who believes in me will never walk in darkness,

but will have the light of life.' At SlavicWorship, we continue to see God creating exciting, new opportunities to broaden the impact of Christ-empowered worship — and bring the ‘Light of Life’ to the darkness.

Our Biblical Premise

Our foundational premise is based on the following Biblical absolutes: As a believer...

  • Who I am is defined by Christ living in me. (1 Jn 3:1, Gal 4:7)
  • What I do is empowered by Christ working through me. (Gal 2:20, Col 2 & 3)
  • Allowing Christ to work through me is transformational worship. (Rom 12:1 & 2)

It is from these Biblical absolutes that we frame our mission: Christ-empowered worship transforms lives.

Our Projects

The strategies to accomplish our mission are framed within three main initiatives: Nurturing Leaders, Inspiring Churches, and Developing Worship Resources. We nurture leaders through one-on-one mentoring and collective training programs. We invest in key churches in order to model Christ-empowered worship. This inspires them to develop worship in their own churches as well as influence other churches. We produce worship materials in order to provide the resources needed by these growing worship ministries. We currently have three main projects in order to accomplish these strategies.

  • Fine Arts Day Camp (FADC)

    Fine Arts Day Camp for children is a week long program emphasizing that God is the Great Creator who created us in His image. In this program children explore different facets of creativity through classes in Bible, singing, acting, choreography, stage design and art. Throughout the week children prepare a musical production that is performed as an outreach to their friends and family.

  • Soli Deo Gloria (SDG)

    The Soli Deo Gloria Worship Conference (SDG) is a high level conference focused on training pastors and worship leaders and their teams of musicians, sound technicians, song writers, stage designers and others. They are taught about Biblical worship and how to lead effective worship ministries in their churches.

    The SDG conference is a time to model, inspire and gain new creative ideas for worship ministry. The participants are taught about Biblical worship and practical techniques in how to lead effective worship ministries. This is also a great time of fellowship and encouragement.

  • Song and Training Resources

    In Russia there are very few places where you can find worship music for church worship teams. RussiaWorship provides legal quality song translations of worship songs and hymns and also musicals and worship songs for children. We also are seeking Russian original worship songs to make available to churches. You can find these songs on our website RussiaWorship.ru. Many of these songs have been recorded and are also available on iTunes. Click HERE to listen to song samples.

    We also have training articles and other creative resources on our website.

Opportunities for Involvement

Mission Trip Opportunities

Our SlavicWorship team is now in multiple countries which has created some unique ministry opportunities. We are currently in discussion about upcoming mission trip options. 

Soli Deo Gloria

The Soli Deo Gloria worship conference is an online/offline event where we invest in pastors, worship leaders and their teams of musicians, sound technicians, song-writers and stage designers. At the present time, participation is mainly focused in an online capacity.

Fine Arts Day Camp

Fine Arts Day Camp RU is an opportunity to invest in Russian-speaking children and their families. You will build relationships and be a mentor as you serve alongside Russian-speaking church leaders and volunteers. Russian-speaking people are passionate about their children. FADC RU helps bring the gospel into their lives.

Participation on-site for the summer of 2023 is currently under discussion.

Ongoing Partnership

SlavicWorship is financed through donations. If you have an interest in financially supporting this ministry, click HERE to donate. If you would like more information, please email info@SlavicWorship.com.

Prayer and Newsletter

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